Rattan Wall Shelf & Hook


    Looking for a stylish and functional way to organize your home? Our rattan wall shelf & hook collection is here to help fill space craving neutral, stylish practicality.

    Made from natural rattan, our shelves are strong and durable, while our rattan wall hooks provide a convenient place to hang coats, keys, towels, and more. Whether you style them in the entryway for your raincoat, or the bathroom for your towels, these beautiful pieces add both function and style.

    Rattan is a popular material for home furnishings because it is both attractive and durable. Our functional rattan floating wall shelves and decorative wall hooks are made from high-quality rattan that will last for years. The natural colour of the rattan adds a warm and inviting touch to your chosen space. And, because it is lightweight, the shelf is easy to mount on any wall.