About Us

Welcome to Stitch & Straw, a proudly Australian owned and operated business based in Perth, Western Australia. Our store was founded in 2018 by a mum of three children and a FIFO husband. Stitch & Straw had humble beginnings, starting out in a stall located at the beautiful Fremantle Markets. 

Growing Up Among Village Craftspeople

The rural community of Central Java in Indonesia is where I spent my childhood up to my teen years, surrounded by craftspeople. They work with a variety of materials such as flowers, dyes, fabrics, wood and leather. It was in this setting where I appreciated and imbibed the value of creativity and excellence. Artisans made the most of available materials, driven by the local proverb: "Tak ada rotan, akar pun jadi (When there's no cane, use the root instead)."

Developing My Slow Fashion Sense

Seeing village women create and experiment with fabric led to my own exploration of textiles, which is where the Stitch part of our brand name comes from. The laid-back and romantic feel of boho-chic with its flowy dresses, crochets and folk-inspired patterns captivated my interest. I decided that any future enterprise of mine will include this type of clothing. Today, our clothing line features these elements—charming prints on lightweight textile that allow your skin to breathe.

Meanwhile, Straw is inspired by the many materials utilized by artisans such as rattan, reed seagrass and Palmyra, which grew bountifully in the lands near my childhood home.

A versatile renewable palm, rattan is among the most widely used material in Indonesia for home furniture and decor pieces. Although rattan is lighter compared to wood, it's as durable and attractive as the latter. Chairs, tables and stools made with this material can actually be used for outdoor patios and gardens. They're weather-resistant by nature, but they last a lot longer when kept in the shade and not allowed to soak up water.

Upholding Ethical Labour

Stitch & Straw believes in providing consumers with high-quality handmade products for gifting or home use. We make this possible by partnering directly with individual craftspeople in small villages across Indonesia. We help them acquire the machinery and healthy workspaces necessary to produce their handicrafts. We also ensure that everyone involved in the production of our goods receives fair pay, equal opportunities and access to healthcare.

Through this partnership of trust and respect, our Indonesian artisan-partners are able to create beautiful decor pieces for your home, office, restaurant and shop. They also make great gifts for weddings, housewarmings, christenings as well as children and adult birthdays.

Spreading the Slow, Sustainable and Ethical Lifestyle

Stitch & Straw aims to encourage others to embrace sustainable options for interior design, wardrobe and child's play. You can look forward to seeing more products from our store as our artisan-partners welcome fresh blood within their ranks, allowing us to further collaborate with them in executing new product designs.

Thank you for supporting our small business and dreams!
Love, Sofia xx